Monday, October 26, 2009

New News

We traveled to OSU James Cancer Center almost 2 weeks ago. We went on a rainy Wednesday, not a good day to drive or hear bad news, which we didn't expect to hear. When the doctor came in to greet us, he almost immediately began talking about a transplant, based on the .3% leukemia cells that had shown up in September when Dr. Marinella did the last biopsy. We were certainly taken aback, we had not expected to hear what we did from him. The doctor suggested that we do another bone marrow biopsy and have Ryan get typed for bone marrow in case a transplant was necessary. We also talked with a financial counselor so we would know what to expect if the transplant was needed.

We left Columbus feeling very dismal. I spent a while trying to think of good things that would come from a transplant. It would cut the chances of a relapse in half, it would also mean that Ryan wouldn't have to be on chemo pills for 2 years and we could have children sooner than that. We waited a long week before OSU called us back with results. The bone marrow biopsy they did there came back clean, no leukemia present. We are still waiting on a genetics test they did, but the doctor does not think anything will show up on it because of the clean biopsy. As long as the genetic test comes back looking like the doctor expects, then he will not be suggesting a transplant at this time, we would just follow the 2 year chemo regimen that he's currently on.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying the nice weather and our new porch!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Little Scare

The doctor called the other day to tell Ryan that the results of his biopsy were back and they saw some leukemia cells at .3%. I was a bit nervous when Ryan told me this, but the doctor has called him again to tell him that this doesn't mean that he's no longer in remission. It could just be cells showing up that have always been there and they just happened to be able to be seen in this sample. He thinks it is residual, not a new, growing cell. We are in the process of scheduling an appointment with a transplant doctor at Ohio State. Ryan's doctor has talked with a transplant doctor at IU and he feels that the plan we're already on - 2 years of maintenance pills and bloodwork every so often is the plan to take. Ryan's doctor suggested we get 1 more opinion, just so everyone feels at ease. We will be going over to Columbus one day soon, but we don't expect to hear any different news. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.