Saturday, May 25, 2013

Play Ball!

If you know me, you know that I am not very athletic.  I enjoy playing volleyball, but am by no means great at it.  Aubrey enjoys playing sports, so she's starting her first organized team sport this year with tee ball.  Ryan enjoyed playing softball, so maybe she has a little talent, I'm not sure . . .

She has finally gotten to play a whole game, and although she wanted me to keep coming out in the field with her (I did not), I think she enjoyed it.  She is a pretty good hitter and so far she hasn't had to use the tee to get a hit.

Here are a few pictures of her and her friends Brooklynn and Elliott.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Around the Wulber House . . .

We are so busy, that we're hardly ever here!  I've been kind of waiting to blog until after Aubrey had her first t-ball game because I wanted to post pictures, but it got rained out this weekend, so it will be another week before they get to play.

My dad went to the orthopedic doctor last Tuesday.  His fractures look about the same and he has to wear his back brace for another month before they begin to "wean" him off it.

His eye is still bothering him, he isn't seeing normal out of it.  He goes to see the eye doctor next Tuesday.  We are praying that the doctor will check things out and give ideas about how it is healing.  I'm sure he'd like to be able to see without covering his eye and/or squinting.

Thanks for prayers!

Last Monday was Becky (Wulber's) last concert.  She is retiring at the end of this year, I think I heard she has 9 days of school left!  It was great to watch her conduct and she shared the family with the audience.  Aubrey is looking forward to possibly taking some violin lessons and piano lessons in the near future.  She's also looking forward to going mule riding and camping with the Wulbers, the second weekend in June.