Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prayers for My Dad

I know that everyone who reads this blog does not know my dad, but I'd like to ask you to pray for him.  This past Saturday, he was in the woods pulling down some trees, and one flipped towards him and hit him, instead of falling on the ground like it was supposed to.

He was on a tractor and the tree hit him in the back, bruising his lung and fracturing his L1 and L4 vertebrae.  He is able to walk and all scans so far show that his spine and bones are in alignment, and the bones are not pressing on his spine.  He has to wear a hard plastic back brace that makes him uncomfortable, for probably 4 weeks or so.

The impact also pushed him into a lever on the tractor and he fractured the bones around his left eye.  He is currently seeing double in both of his eyes and will be having surgery this Friday morning to hopefully correct that.

He was in the woods alone and managed to get up to the house and call my mom, who was in town with me at the time . . . this was very scary for us, but it is clear that God was watching him and we now prayer for a speedy recovery.

Easter Blessing to you and your families!  Jesus rising from the tomb was surely a miracle of his power and strength and our family feels we've seen another of his miracles this week.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

I just recently read in a magazine that the third Thursday in March is Absolutely Incredible Kids Day.  This year, that day falls on March 21.  I have decided that starting this year, I'm going to write Aubrey and note and keep them for her until she's old enough to read them.  I challenge you to show your kids how incredible you think they are!