Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Has Been A While

I know, it has been a while since I've posted. That's because there isn't really a whole lot to report. Aubrey and I have been going to a tumbling class at the YMCA on Monday nights. It isn't supposed to be a parent participation class, but she insists that I come out and sit in the circle when they do their stretches, and then the teacher in me insists that I intervene when she's supposed to be standing in line and she's running around the gym. It is fun though and on days that are not Mondays, she asks about going to class.

I have been very busy at work. Someone looking at my calendar would probably not be able to figure out when I'm supposed to be coming or going someplace; some days I struggle to keep it straight. After another couple weeks, my calendar looks like it might calm down a little, but that could change quickly. I know that we've had enough snow lately, but I'm strongly hoping for a delay tomorrow so I can sleep in a little. I'm tired!

I guess that's all for now, we continue to appreciate your prayers for our family.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Snow (umm Ice) Day

We are off work again today, and I bet you'll never be able to guess where I am . . . at work! I was in the office for about a half day on Monday and at a school yesterday. I'm supposed to be out both tomorrow and Friday. I have an appointment in town this afternoon, so I thought I could probably use a little time in the office to clear off my desk and get caught up on a few things.

Aubrey and I played baby dolls and watch Strawberry Shortcake this morning, then she went to Sandy's around lunchtime so she could have an uninterrupted nap. I came to town, stopped at Wal-Mart, and headed to my office. I think I can actually see most of my desk right now, so I'm taking a quick break to update you all on our happenings, which have been few lately.

Over the weekend, we had 2 birthday parties - one for my cousin, who turned 14 and the other for our friend, Elliott, who turned 2 today! We had a lot of fun at both parties. Last night Aubrey and I went to Kohl's and she got some new dresses and tights, which she promptly wanted to put on when we got home. I talked her in to waiting until Sunday to wear a new dress to church. We also ate supper at Panera Bread last night where Aubrey delighted all the older people in there watching her help me get napkins and drinks, and later (when she was ready to leave) sit under the table and proclaim to the whole restaurant, that she wasn't going home with me. Two year olds are so much fun! :) She was actually very cute, but after the fifth time I asked her to get out from under the table, I was getting a bit impatient.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on at the Wulber household.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

I got to stay home with Aubrey today, but I think it is a bit windy to play outside. So, we've been putting puzzles together and putting clothes on the baby dolls. Aubrey has also been watching movies and riding her rocking horse.

We played outside in the snow on Tuesday afternoon. Aubrey rode around the yard in her sled, but I think she was a little cold because she didn't want to stay outside too long.

I think I've had about enough snow and it is only January!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Skating

Yesterday I took Aubrey on her first ice skating trip. I know, she is still pretty little, but that's the best time to start! She took off walking on the skates right away. She dashed out onto the ice and I had to grab her. We got her a skate aid to help push around and she did pretty well with that. After two laps around, she told me she was done. Grandma talked her into another lap, and then it was time for a snack. After her snack she was ready to head out for a few more laps.

The rest of this weekend we took it easy; tomorrow afternoon we have our second tumbling class.

We are getting closer to finishing up Ryan's estate, unfortunately, this process is a long one. We ask for your continued prayers as we continue to try to get everything figured out.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Test Results and Tumbling

I'm pretty sure I posted on here before Christmas that Aubrey had blood in her urine and I took her to the doctor. They initially diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection, but the cultures came back negative two days before Christmas. That was good news that she didn't have an infection but left me to wonder why the blood and white blood cells were showing up? Her doctor wasn't too worried about it at all, but he knew it would ease my thoughts to have her urine retested. We took a sample in last Wednesday and got the results on Monday - no blood -so everything looks good.

Last night we went to tumbling class at the YMCA. The class is really for three and four year olds, but I thought Aubrey would enjoy it so I called to see if they'd allow her to do it. They said it was ok. She wasn't focused on the class the entire time, but she did well and I guess she enjoyed it because she wanted to go back tonight. It is hard for a two year old to wait a whole week to do something fun again!

I think it should be Friday already, I'm tired enough for it to be.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I know, I'm a couple days late already, but better late than never! We celebrated New Year's Eve at Jacci and Wade's house. I didn't really know how Aubrey would do, the party started at 7:00 which is about her bed time. She acted tired at times, but she made it all the way to midnight. We watched the ball drop and then left shortly after. She was out before we even got out of the driveway. She slept until about 9:00 on New Year's Day. We went to Tricia and Justin's after we got ready and celebrated Christmas with them. Aubrey likes playing with Brooklynn and Elliott. Then we went to my parents' where Aubrey finished her nap and then we went to Dayton for supper for my grandma's birthday. Aubrey was especially well behaved, even though she fell off her chair twice.

After church this morning, we headed to Troy to celebrate Nathan and Grandpa Shoup's birthdays. We ate Mexican. Aubrey's performance wasn't quite as stellar today, but she did ok. She is now napping. I think staying up so late is catching up with her, she slept on the way to Troy, before lunch; she also fell asleep on the way home and is still sleeping!

So, it is a new year and many of you have probably made a resolution - I'm not much for making resolutions, but I do anticipate the joys and challenges that come with a new year. Last year at this time, Ryan had been healthy for 4 months and was really getting back to feeling good. We anticipated a great year, things didn't go exactly as we planned them, but this reminds us that God is in control of all situations. We didn't plan on losing Ryan, but I know that God has it all in his hands, so in this coming year, we pray for His guidance and blessings and leave the rest up to Him.

I have to head back to work tomorrow. . . I'm not ready for vacation to be over.