Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Direction

It has been with a lot of prayer and thinking that I have made the decision that it is in the best interest of Aubrey and me to move. I probably made the decision back in December, but I haven't been very vocal about it because I wanted to have time to get things in order for my third of the partnership before I told everyone. We (Ryan's family and I) are now in the final stages of taking care of this issue and I am house hunting. I actually had a house picked out in Versailles, but it had a contingency offer on it, and when I made an offer, the first buyers removed their contingency to sell their house and just closed on the house I wanted this past Saturday. I was disappointed, but I'm sure that means that God has a different plan for me, I'm just not sure what that is as the housing market in Versailles is slim at the moment. I am really wanting to stay in the Versailles area because Aubrey loves her baby-sitter and I know the process I went through baby-sitter hunting the first time. I also like the idea of Aubrey going to her daddy's Alma mater, so I'd like to stay in the Versailles school district. I think that at this point in the game that I am better off living in town with a small yard to take care of and not much work to do to keep the house going. This farm house seems much too big when just Aubrey and I are here.

I also want to stay in the area so we can come out to the farm and take tractor and combine rides with Uncle Russell and Grandpa and Aubrey also enjoys petting the mules and Grandpa's horses.

I would really appreciate your prayers on this matter, I want the right house for me and I also want to be able to move in a timely manner.

On another note, Aubrey went bowling for the first time yesterday, and we only had to get someone to get our ball from the lane twice because we didn't roll it hard enough. She had a good time. I'll try to post pictures in a day or so; I'm having trouble loading them from my iPad.

If anyone knows of a house in Versailles with an attached garage and 3 bedrooms, let me know!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can we see the goats there?

The goat farmers are having a fish fry tonight and my parents are coming up to go eat fish with us. I told Aubrey that earlier today and she wanted to know if we could see the goats when we are there? I tried to explain to her that there aren't any goats there, but I think she thought I was lying to her.

So, if anyone out there has a good explanation for a two year old as to why there are no goats at the goat farmers' ranch, I'd love for you to share.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Good Birthday

Well, today wasn't too bad. I haven't been too worried about turning 30, just another day right? I got several phone calls and emails throughout the day wishing me a happy day. After work, Aubrey and I went to Red Lobster for supper. She was really good in the restaurant and ate almost all her food; she must have been showing her very best behavior for my birthday. She was supposed to have a bath when we got home, but she was almost asleep, so we postponed bath until tomorrow.

Thanks for making my big birthday a pleasant one.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Worst Birthday Ever

This may have been the title of a post almost 1 year ago. Last year on my birthday, which is tomorrow, Ryan was in the hospital and I had planned to go directly there from work. Unfortunately, Aubrey was sick and I had to stay home to take her to the doctor. Strangely, I thought she was going to have to make a trip to the doctor yesterday. Last year at this time, it was snowing. It was snowing so much that after we got home from the doctor's office, it was too bad outside to head to the hospital, so on my 29th birthday, I was stuck at home with a sick child - away from my husband. Last year, I said I was having the worst birthday ever.

As my birthday approached this year, I started to have a feeling that maybe last year's birthday wasn't so bad . . . this year I don't even have the option of talking to Ryan on the phone and I'm going to be turning 30! I started feeling sorry for myself and thinking that maybe this year's birthday would be the worst ever.

However, I was surprised on Sunday with a birthday party to celebrate my 30 years of life and I felt old! Aubrey had been up most of the night complaining that her ear was hurting and we were at my parents, so we ended up sleeping on the coach, when I finally got her to sleep around 3:00. I was so sore when I woke up that I felt much older than almost 30. Anyway, I don't think this will be the worst birthday ever.

I'd like to thank my parents, family, and friends for remembering my big day and continuing to keep Aubrey and me in your prayers, we appreciate each and every one.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Days Off

Another week, and more days off school. Aubrey and I have watched movies and played with baby dolls the last couple of days. I hope that the weather clears up a little for tomorrow because I think I will be tired of being stuck in the house with no where to go.

I can say that the good thing about all of this is that we still have our electricity. I was really nervous that it would go out and I wouldn't be able to get anywhere. I spent a lot of time praying yesterday that it wouldn't go out and it didn't.

That's about all from our house.