Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I love snow, so it is a great time to be living in Ohio.  Last Wednesday was not a good day to be out driving, but it created a nice snowfall to play outside in - Aubrey got a new sled for Christmas and was able to sled off of our porch because the snow was piled up so high.  She did have a little trouble getting back to the porch in the midst of all the snow in the middle of the yard; I had to go out and carry her!

This past Sunday, Aubrey and I went ice skating with mom, Camryn, and a few kids from church.  Aubrey has been skating before, but she got brave enough to skate a little on her own.

Aubrey and I went bowling on New Year's Eve with my family and she stayed up until midnight!  I think she actually stayed up that late a couple years ago when we went to the Spencer's, but she didn't remember that and was very excited to stay up late this year.

We have really enjoyed our Christmas break this year.  I am now in the process of taking down all of our Christmas decorations; it may take me the rest of the week!

We hope that each of you has many blessings in 2013 and that God's peace and love surround you each day!