Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I know that Christmas is technically one day, but it really starts for me on Black Friday when I wholeheartedly begin Christmas shopping.  Christmas, for me, is the whole season and is really about spending time with others and sharing in our blessings through gifts.

Christmas is meaningful to me because it allows us to perpetuate the gift that God sent to us in His son many years ago.  Because of that gift, and only because of Him, we enjoy many blessings and good things in this life.  I try to make gift-giving not only about the Christmas season, but all year through, but Christmas gives us the perfect opportunity to share.

This season is special because there are many traditions associated with it, as well as lots of family time.  Everyone has quirky families.  My cousin said, a month or so ago, that when our family does something, we do it big . . . what she means is that when we get together or when someone needs something, everyone is there.  That is what makes it so special and meaningful.

Ever since I can remember, my parents have taken my brother and I to cut down Christmas trees.  When Ryan and I were dating, he went along on the trip, but didn't get a say in the tree because it wasn't "his."  Christmas is such a special time for me, Ryan and I chose to get married the weekend before Christmas.  I cannot find a picture of the first time Ryan and I cut down a Christmas tree together, but here's Aubrey's first tree.

Yes, that is Ryan cutting it down.

One year, Ryan and I got a very tall tree that almost didn't fit into our house.  We have lower ceilings in the new house.  This is the tree that Aubrey wanted this year.
 This is the tree that we brought home!
Another tradition that we have is baking Christmas cookies.  We we were young, my mom and her sisters all got together to bake cookies and my grandma took us kids to the movies.  Now, all the grandmas are doing the baking and so the kids get to help as well.  Here are the girls helping with the measuring last Saturday.

Aubrey sat on Santa's lap when I was away for work this year.  She called me after they were done and very excitedly told me that Santa had told her that she was a good girl this year.  She couldn't believe that she was on the good list.  I tried to tell her that maybe Santa had the wrong kid, but she was convinced that he knew who she was and that she was good!  I guess I'll agree with Santa.
Very soon I will have to begin wrapping presents, my least favorite part of Christmas :).  Then it will be time to gather with family and friends and share our blessings.

We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and as you begin looking towards the new year, that you'll be blessed in 2013.