Thursday, June 12, 2014 Swimming Through June

Well, maybe both!  Aubrey is on the Versailles Tiger Sharks swim team this year and she has had 2 meets already.  Tuesday night's meet was cold and rainy and not a whole lot of fun.  Tonight's weather was beautiful!  Aubrey had better times on Tuesday night than she did tonight, but she's trying her best and swimming the whole 25 meters!  Here she is on Tuesday and then tonight swimming the freestyle.

Last weekend we went trail riding with the Wulbers.  We had a great time enjoying nature and "roughing it".  Aubrey rode Cody on a buddy seat with Auntie Rachel.  I rode a mule named Tippy.  

I was sure hoping that Tippy's name did not come from the fact that she liked to tip people off, and it didn't, it was because of her floppy ears.  She was a good mule.