Sunday, July 20, 2014

Playing on the Beach

This past week, we went on a nice vacation to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.  We went with my parents and my two nieces, Kaitlyn and Camryn.  My grandma, aunt, a cousin and his friend went along as well (they took their own car, ours was a bit full).

While in North Carolina, we visited one of my mom's brothers.  We also explored the history of Fort Macon and the North Carolina Maritime Museum.
We also went to the aquarium and because no one had naps, we got a little crabby.

We went on a boat ride and saw dolphins in the bay.  We also played in the sand and sent messages home!


Friday, July 11, 2014


It has been amazing me lately how many traits Aubrey has gotten from Ryan.  A lot of her expressions and mannerisms are very much him, which makes me believe so much more that who were are in designed into our genes.  Anyway, it seems like I've been noticing how much she is like him lately, until the other day in the car . . . she totally gets this trait from me. . .

Happy 4th of July (a little late)!