Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Better

Ryan felt a little better yesterday and seems to be feeling a lot better today, he's aggravating me anyways :)

He went to the tractor pulls last night and enjoyed that and we're heading to the fair in a few hours to watch his dad race horses. The strength is slowly returning.

No news yet from the doctor on his tests from Monday.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Sick Again

Ryan just can't seem to kick the being sick bug. He got sick after breakfast this morning and so called the doctor and went to see him. The doctor told him that his getting sick is most likely from the coughing. He also thought that maybe the cough sounded like whooping cough. Ryan had to get a chest x-ray and also get swabbed for whooping cough and the flu. So, we're waiting to see if any of those tests come back positive. He is on an antibiotic and a cough suppressant so hopefully he'll start to feel a little better tomorrow.

He's been kind of mopey and tired today.

Please pray that he will begin to get his strength and health back.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Whole Week

Sorry, it seems like it has been a while since I've written, looking at the last date, a week ago. Ryan seems to be getting a little stronger every day. He told me today he thought he might be strong enough to go back to school, I had to laugh as he limped into the house. He is getting there, but not there yet. Probably a couple more weeks, Dr. Marinella thought that would be a good idea. We are enjoying Ryan being home, but I personally am lamenting the fact that I will have to return to work very shortly - well, actually, I worked today. . .

One prayer request - Ryan has gotten sick a couple times in the past couple of days. It has been right after eating and he doesn't feel sick before or after, he just gets sick. He's going to call and check on it with the doctor tomorrow. Pray that it isn't anything major and he continues getting better each day.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Healing Begins

Ryan is very glad to be home and Aubrey and I are very happy that he is here. It is now time for him to begin getting his strength back and letting his body get back to normal.

We have an appointment on Monday with his doctor to talk about what his plans for the future are. Right now we are just enjoying being home.

Aubrey is sleeping in her crib in her own room tonight! She was a little scared at first, but after I stayed with her a few minutes she was fine and fell to sleep.

Praying that she sleeps through the night and good rest for Ryan as well.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're All 3 Home

nuff said :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Closer and Closer

to coming home that is! Ryan's surgery to remove his port is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Dr. Marinella told him that as long as his cultures from Sunday didn't grow anything and he didn't have any fevers that he could probably go home tomorrow. He didn't say that for sure, but I think that if he doesn't let him out tomorrow that he might have a big discussion with him. Ryan is definitely ready to come home, we're ready to have him back.

He is still quite weak and it will probably take a while until he gets all his strength back, but getting him back home will be a great first step.

Please pray that Ryan's strength begins to come back and that when he gets ready to go back to school, that he'll have enough energy for it.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayers Answered

Ryan's nurse today said that she thinks Ryan's body must have just needed a full day of rest yesterday and it was going to get it in some way.

Ryan is much better today. He ate macaroni and cheese and meatloaf for lunch and mashed potatoes, turkey, and yogurt for supper. He kept everything down today, no fevers either. They took his catheter out this afternoon, and they are scheduling surgery to hopefully take his port from his chest tomorrow. He should come home Wednesday, depending on when they can schedule surgery.

His doctor said he looked much better than he expected him to look today, especially after the call he got last night.

There will not be an 8th round of chemo. At this time, we don't know for sure everything that will happen, we will probably consult with a transplanter and Ryan may have to take maintenance chemo drugs (pills), but this is hopefully the last hospital stay.

He is still a bit swollen in his stomach, but all the other swelling has pretty much gone. Our God is a great God. There were a couple rough days when it was hard for me to stay positive because I couldn't understand why things would be going so well and then slam to a stop. It isn't always for us to understand God's plan, just accept them and go forward. We have, we will continue to do so.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prayers Needed

There were some very good things about today and then some not so good things.

First of all, I heard a couple people say that the dance last night was packed and so we'd like to thank everyone who went and contributed. We are so very blessed by the friends and family that we have. Unfortunately, Ryan was in the hospital and we weren't able to attend.

Ryan's swelling has dropped tremendously, even a ton since yesterday. I thank God for that. Aubrey was coughing a lot last night, so while laying awake listening to her, I was constantly praying for Ryan. God surely doesn't let me forget to pray :)

I was happy that he had improved so much, but a little dismayed that he slept all day. He got sick a little around lunch time, but he said he had orange juice for breakfast and so I figured it was maybe a little too acidic. Then he got sick again around 6:30 and he temp went up to 100.5. So, he is downgraded again to only clear liquids and back on 2 more antibiotics until they know what's going on.

The plan is to remove his catheter tomorrow and they also talked about removing his central line, they might do that soon as well in case some infection could be coming from there. We pray that they will determine the cause and treat it quickly so that he can still get home this week.

It had sounded like he might come home Wednesday, but now I don't believe it will be that soon, hopefully by the end of the week though.

Please continue to pray for strength and positive spirits for all of us.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making the Best of It

Aubrey and I did some shopping yesterday morning and picked up her pictures at Sears and then came to the hospital to visit Ryan. Aubrey can only last about an hour, but she really enjoyed yesterday's visit. The nurses brought her a cake and a little purse and puppy dog. She also got a crown, mirror, and bracelet. I would post some pictures, but can't do that from the hospital. After our visit with Ryan, we went to Chuck E Cheese's and had lunch with Aubrey's cousins, Kaitlyn and Camryn. Aubrey then went home with Grandma and the girls and they went swimming. She was still going strong when I got home at 8:30 last night.

The swelling in Ryan's legs has gone down a lot, his stomach is still swollen, but isn't as tight as it has been. He was on full liquids, then got moved back to clear liquids, and now he's back to full liquids. Dr. Marinella seemed to think that things were progressing well and that he will probably get to come home next week, by himself, without most of the swelling, without his port, and without his catheter.

Dr. Marinella would like Ryan to start getting off his pain meds, but he is so swollen in some places that it is painful and they gave him tylenol, but that isn't helping. Please pray that the swelling will go down so that the pain goes away.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Better Day

Well, there are a few improvements in Ryan today. His stomach is not as tight as it has been. Although it didn't look like the swelling had gone down much, there was definitely a difference when you touched it. His legs were a little less swollen today and when he worked with the physical therapist, he wasn't as tired as he had been the last few days.

His diet has been upped to a full liquid diet and he had potato soup for supper. He was glad to be off chicken broth. If he tolerates that for a couple days, he'll be moved to soft diet.

He lost 5 lbs from yesterday to today and they gave him another shot of lasiks this afternoon, hoping that will continue to help him get rid of the extra fluids he is holding.

He is off the heart monitor and doesn't have to be hooked up to his IV except when he's getting his antibiotics. So, lots of changes today, we pray tomorrow continues the upward trend.

Please continue to pray that things get better. Aubrey and I are missing Ryan at home.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Day

Not much difference in Ryan today. I think that every day we're in the hospital, the more we want to be home. The nurses really noticed that Ryan wasn't that talkative today. I wasn't either . . .

Swelling hasn't changed much, they did another abdomen scan around lunch time today. The nurse and I looked at it and we concluded that it looked different from the last one, but that's all we could figure. The doctor wasn't back in today, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it shows.

I wish there was another way to take care of some of the swelling, I've missed the doctor the last couple days, hope to talk with him tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Update

Ryan worked with the physical therapist a little more this afternoon again. He didn't do much more walking today, but he said he walked into his bathroom by himself tonight. He had chicken broth and jello for supper tonight. He is still getting TPN which is his nutrition and so he doesn't have much of an appetite. They said once he starts eating a little more, they will start taking him off the TPN.

He is running a slight temp, around 99. Were not sure why, the nurses don't seem too worried, but they're watching it.

Please continue to pray that both of us keep our spirits up and that Ryan's appetite returns and that the swelling goes away.

Thanks for the continued prayers.


Good News

Well, Ryan isn't home yet, but he's getting closer each and every day. Yesterday they took his ng tube out of his nose and they also took him off his oxygen. His swelling has gone down slightly, but not very noticably. He is hoping that it will start to go down a little faster. Yesterday he was allowed to have sips of water, today he got a tray of clear liquids - juice, jello, etc. He has to be able to eat those without getting nauseus before they will move him up to anything with more substance and he has to be able to eat solid foods before he will be allowed to go home. He is also hoping that his swelling will go down before he gets to come home because he isn't sure that he'll be able to get his pants on with his legs so big!

The physical therapist came and worked with him for just about 5 minutes yesterday. After he took a shower, mostly sitting in the chair, but standing a little, we walked up and down the hallway 3 times. He was pretty tired after doing all that, but he is sitting in the chair working on the computer right now. He said he wants to walk more this afternoon so hopefully the walking will help a little with the swelling as well.

Ryan is getting a little down that he probably won't be home for Friday, which is Aubrey's birthday. Please pray that he keeps his spirits up. I'm disappointed too, but it will all be ok in time, I'm just ready to have him home. I think Aubrey is ready for him to be home too, she's tired of going from house to house while I'm at the hospital. Also continue to pray for the swelling and the eating.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Holding Steady

Ryan is holding steady, ready for the swelling to decrease so that he can get up and move around like normal again. He is also ready to get the tube out of his nose, but the surgeon said a couple more days for that. I'm also ready for things to begin improving because I really want him to be home for Aubrey's birthday, which is Friday. The nurses are pulling for him, but saying it might be a week before he's ready to head home.

They weighed Ryan yesterday and he weight 193 lbs. That is 40 lbs over what he weighed when he came in. They gave him some lasik last night which makes him pee a lot, he weighed 10 less pounds today, but you can't really notice a difference. Although Ryan is generally more positive than I am, I know that he's also getting a bit frustrated that things are moving a little faster. We continue to pray that the swelling will go away and that his stomach becomes less hard so that they can take the tube out of his nose.

Please continue all your prayers for us, we appreciate them.