Monday, September 2, 2013

Laugh of the Summer

While we were on vacation, we waited at the front desk of our hotel to ask a question.  Standing in front of us was a man with a bottle of wine in a bag, see the picture below . . .

After seeing this, Aubrey told me, "Mommy, his goldfish died."  She was very sad about this and it took all we had for my mom and me not to laugh!


Violin Lessons

Aubrey has decided that she's going to take violin lessons and she had her first very brief lesson last Sunday, check out the size of her violin!

The Great Darke County Fair

Aubrey loves the fair.  We visited a few fairs this year to watch Grandpa Wulber's horses race and I usually only let Aubrey ride rides at our fair.  (She did get to ride rides at Montgomery County Fair this year!)  Aubrey's favorite ride is probably the Viking Ship, although she rides just about everything she can.  This year she even rode the egg roll (or whatever they're called now).  She also frequented the dragon roller coaster!

Aubrey was in the Little Miss Darke County Fair Pageant and won 4th place!

Can't wait until next year!