Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Homeowner

I was able to close on the house I've been living in in Versailles yesterday afternoon; I'm now officially the owner of my house! I was excited. That means that I pretty much have everything taken care of related to Ryan's estate and I'm looking toward the future in things that need to be taken care of around here. As I'm doing that, I'm looking at the calendar and realizing that my precious summer and free time are getting close to being gone . . . Aubrey and I have really enjoyed this summer and all the things we've done and I'm not ready for it to be over yet.

I'm going to be doing some landscaping around the house, removing the bushes from the flower beds and finding some more attractive flowers to plant. I'm also hoping to have a patio put in out back before fall gets here; I'm going to find out what the estimate for that job is tomorrow, so we'll see if we can get a patio or not :)

We went to Kings Island yesterday and had a lot of fun. Tonight I'm going with Jake and Brandi and my friend Emily to a Little Big Town concert; mom won tickets on the Tiger and didn't want to go. I'm looking forward to that.

I'm having a garage sale next week. I still have some of Ryan's tools that I'm hoping to get rid of, we've got baby clothes, all the stuff that went with Aubrey's nursery decor, some books, a couple ceiling fans, and a couple old tables to sell. If you need anything we'll be around Wednesday afternoon-Friday trying to sell it!

We also have Aubrey's birthday coming up next weekend! She is super excited.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Most Magical Place on Earth

We have just returned home from a wonderful, but tiring vacation. My parents took us (my brother, his wife, me, and their three granddaughters) to Disney World for vacation this past week. We had a blast! Everyone is tired; at least everyone at this house is, but it will definitely be a vacation to remember. We left last Saturday morning and drove to the airport in Columbus to catch our plane. Aubrey went to Florida with me in May, so this was her second time on the plane, but it was Kaitlyn and Camryn's first time flying. They all enjoyed the flight (and we had a good one). We arrived at Disney in the middle of the afternoon and by the time we checked in and got all our luggage around, we were hungry. We decided to eat, then swim, then we headed to Downtown Disney for a little while.

Sunday through Thursday, we hit the parks. We spent two days at the Magic Kingdom, and one each at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Aubrey loved the carousel at Magic Kingdom. She kept asking at the all the other parks to ride the carousel. We ate supper with Cinderella, her stepsisters, and Prince Charming. We had a Winnie the Pooh and friends dinner, and the last night we were there, we went to Mickey's Backyard BBQ; that was a wonderful time, dancing with the characters.

Yesterday, we headed away from Orlando to the beach. Aubrey really enjoyed the ocean and didn't even want to sit out for a very long snack. The sun was really bright and the water was very warm yesterday. I think most of us got sunburned.

We headed home late last night and arrived home early this morning. I'm doing laundry and unpacking and I keep thinking that I need to take a nap . . . probably won't get around to that today, maybe tomorrow.

By the way, I think I have the house unpacked and all the pictures hung on the walls, so if you're wanting to see the new house, feel free to stop by. I'm going to start tagging things for my garage sale in a couple weeks!