Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mama's Heart Swells

I feel like I fell off the blogger wagon.  It has been a long time since I have posted anything here.  It seems that we've been really busy, but we haven't really been doing much of anything!

Aubrey made me really proud the other day and I have to share it here.  I generally ask her the best and worst things about her day when I pick her up from preschool.  One day a couple weeks ago, I asked her those questions - I don't remember what she told me the best part was, but the worst part was that one of her friends, Zach, had to turn his card to red and he had a bad day, and she was sad that he had to turn his card.  When she said that, my heart was just bursting that she was able to show that empathy.  She gets her big heart from her daddy!

Aubrey has been taking gymnastics during the day at the Y since she began going there in the fall.  After the last session, she was moved up to the next class, which meets on Monday evenings.  I generally am teaching on Monday nights, but last night was the first class and Wright State was on spring break, so I got to take her.  She was so excited that she was going to "night" class and that her friends Lauren and Ashlyn were in her class.  It was fun to watch her learn and practice the skills and interact with her friends.

We have been doing some fun things this past month.  A good mom would have been snapping pictures of all these events to post, but I kept leaving my camera in the room or in the car . . .We went to Sandusky to stay at Castaway Bay (indoor waterpark) over President's Day weekend.  We took Papaw, Mamaw, Kaitlyn, and Camryn with us and we had a really good time.

Last Sunday, Aubrey went roller skating for the first time, at a real roller rink.  She has roller skates that she skates with at home, but it was different going to the skate rink and using real skates.  I have deiced that roller skating is harder than ice skating!

I have been busy with work - doing a lot of out of county professional development for teachers and teaching a class on Monday nights at Wright State.  Aubrey has been spending Monday evenings with her grandparents, alternating between the Wynes and the Wulbers.  She is having a ball and doesn't really seem to mind that I'm not there.

A few weeks ago when she was with Grandpa Wulber, they stopped at Ace Hardware in Versailles and saw some friends there.  Aubrey told them that she would get to spend a lot of time with Grandpa that day because Mommy had class, and her classes are long!

We are looking forward to spring coming soon here.  We are ready for the grass to get green and the flowers to start blooming.  Aubrey enjoyed a little time playing outside yesterday with our neighbor, Chloe, but we need more time to get outside and burn off our energy!