Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today would have been Ryan's 33rd birthday.  We went out to dinner tonight and Aubrey prayed that Daddy was having a good birthday and that we would have a good supper.  I love the innocence of children!

After supper we had to drive to the "car deals" in town so she could look for a new truck.  When she gets older, she going to have 3 cars - a black truck, a van, and a smaller car, she needs all those because she's "probably going to have a big family."  Sorry Ryan, she picked out a Ford - I told her that you wouldn't be happy.  I guess there are worse things!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have a cowgirl on my hands.  We returned on Sunday from Aubrey's first trail riding adventure.  We went to Brown County State Park with the Wulber family and we had a blast!

We arrived at the campground on Thursday afternoon and Aubrey could not wait to get on top of a mule.  She wanted to know when we were going to ride, she continued to ask this until we took off on our first trail ride.  After being on the mule for less then five minutes, she decided the ride was too bumpy and wondered when we would return to camp!

Aubrey rode behind Auntie Rachel on her own little buddy seat.  She rode Cody, which was Ryan's mule.  Here she is trying out her seat.

Becky had knee surgery on Monday before we left, so she did not ride, so I got to ride Gretchen, who is Becky's mule.  Good thing that Aubrey did not ride with me, I took a dive off of Gretchen on the second day that we rode because she got over too far in the mud and slide into a big mud puddle.  I had to bail!

By the end of the trip, Aubrey was "helping" carry water and give the mules a bath.  I think that she mostly wanted to get wet, but oh well!  She is below helping Josie (Uncle Russell's girlfriend) carry water and then helping Grandpa and Uncle Russell give one of the mules a bath.  I think Molly, but maybe Ellie Mae.

On Saturday, Mommy needed a break, so Aubrey and I went into Nashville and shopped a little with Becky.  It was a warm day, but we enjoyed a puppet show and lunch in a coffee shop, special things Becky picked out for us to do on her previous trip into town.  

I had to come home and present a workshop yesterday so I was a little tired, but I think we're going riding again another time - Aubrey needs some new boots, a cowgirl hat, and a riding helmet!