Sunday, November 3, 2013


Trick-or-Treat time is one of Aubrey's favorite times of the year.  She loves candy so much!  She always wants to buy her costume the first day that she sees costumes in the store.  I got her to hold off until the second time we saw them in a store this year, and she chose to be Ariel.  Of course, Ariel has red hair, and Aubrey's is brown, so we had to get a wig to complete the outfit.  After less than 10 houses, the wig was way too itchy and I had to carry it for the rest of the time.

Aubrey's cousins came to trick-or-treat with her, Andrew didn't like his costume at all, so he stayed at the house with Papaw and Mamaw.

Last weekend, we also went to see Disney on Ice . . . it was a fun day and Aubrey took her friend Greta along.
 Yesterday, Aubrey and I went to see the Cat in the Hat in Centerville. We had a great day!