Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shoes & Hangers

I have several pairs of size 10 shoes that were Ryan's that I have yet to find a fit for. If you're size 10, let me know.

I also have lots of plastic hangers that I need to get rid of!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm not sure what is crazier right now - work or home. There are so many things that I'm trying to do at home and some of my work overflows to home and vice versa; some days I feel like things are never ending. One night this week, I laid in bed for almost two hours before I finally fell asleep; I had way too many things running through my head.

I would appreciate your prayers for all that is stressing me out!

Aubrey is being her ornery, cute self. It is hard to get made at her, but sometimes she pushes all my buttons at once. She is doing excellent with her potting and we're trying to work on colors a little. She loves drawing and painting and I try to get her to tell me what colors she is using. Evenings are crazy, but fun with her.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cleaning Out Vehicles

My mom came up this morning and we cleaned out Ryan's car and moved it out from in front of the barn. I'm looking to sell the car; it doesn't do me much good since I can't drive it anyway. We also swept out the truck. Aubrey enjoyed getting to be outside so much, and she even talked Mamaw into pushing her on the swing a couple of times.

Tonight we are going to visit some of our friends. There will be a total of 11 kids there, so I expect Aubrey to have a great time.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Park

This afternoon, after I picked Aubrey up, we went to the park with our friends - Tricia, Brooklynn, and Elliott. Aubrey had a great time playing and I enjoyed visiting with Tricia. Aubrey woke up crying a couple of times last night, which is not like her. I took her to the doctor today and she has an ear infection. No fun!

I was reading a magazine earlier today and there was an article about the hour right before dinner when everyone is coming home from work, and no one is in a good mood. It suggests that you let the kids pull all the tissues out of the box, and then stuff them all back in later- sounds like something I could find useful. You might want to check the kleenexes before using them at my house!

I also had an appointment about the will today, things are moving, slowly, but moving. Please continue to keep me and that whole situation in your prayers.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank You

I know that everyone who helped with the benefit, or supported it by buying dinners does not read this blog, but I would like to say THANK YOU to all involved. I went to help for an hour and ere were so many people there helping that they really didn't need me. I was amazed. We are so thankful to everyone's continued support. I'm sure Ryan was smiling down on it all yesterday.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Yesterday after work, we took off towards Cincinnati to visit Great Wolf Lodge. Ryan and I had made plans to take Aubrey back in the summer, but it didn't work out, so instead of losing money on my reservations, we took my parents and nieces along for the fun. I wasn't sure how much fun the adults would have, but I really enjoyed myself. I'm pretty sure that the kids had a great time! When we got there last evening, they were having trick-or-treat for the kids, so we had to do that first so we could get our fill of sugar. Then we headed to the watermark for about an hour. Score bedtime. This morning when we got up, we had breakfast, then headed to the water again. We ate our lunch next to the water so that we didn't waste too much swimming time. We headed back this afternoon.

A good friend of Ryan's came and looked at the truck tonight and we've got a deal worked out on that, now I think I' m going to work on selling the van.

I want to say thank you in advance to everyone who bought tickets to support the benefit and to all those who organized and are cooking and serving the meals. We appreciate all you are doing.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping On

There's not too much going on right now. We got the new door put on the porch last night. Aubrey wanted to swing tonight, but it looks like rain and is very windy! Russell also came last night to work on Aubrey's tub.

I've got some interest in Ryan's truck and it sounds like I might be able to do something next week.


Monday, October 11, 2010

A Trip to Illinois

We traveled to Illinois this weekend. My cousin's wife is having a baby in November and we went for the baby shower. My mom, sister-in-law, nieces, and Aubrey went along in the van. The trip wasn't too long and Aubrey stayed dry the whole trip. She also got to sit in a fire truck, she thought that was pretty cool.

Tonight we got the gator out for a ride while we were cleaning out Ryan's truck. Aubrey also got to swing on her swing set. I worked on cleaning out a couple more kitchen cabinets. Just a little while ago I was sitting in the living room and heard a bang. I got up to yell at Georgia (the cat) for knocking done her food bucket, but when I opened the door, a skunk was scurrying up the side of the door to climb out. Guess I' ll have to get that door closed in!

Friday, October 8, 2010

She Did It

Thank you, Sandy! Aubrey went "stinky" on the potty yesterday. Sandy said it took her a little while of setting there before she was ready, but she finally did it. She was proud to tell me when I got there to pick her up.

Last night we stopped to see Grandpa and Grammy on the way home, then Aubrey played on her swing set and petted the mules. She loves being outside. I did fun things like pay bills and fold laundry :).

Tonight after work, we are going to the grocery. I told Aubrey that and she got excited. She enjoys going to town.

Please pray that all will go well with trying to sell Ryan's vehicles. I am looking at a new vehicle for myself, something that is 4-wheel drive, but I've got to get some good things out of Ryan's vehicles before I can get something new myself. I think the lawyer's office and the bank are trying to work something out, but I just continue to pray that God has the situation in his hands.

On another note - I'm not usually political, but I think we also need to pray about our who our new governor will be. I didn't really care to watch the debates last night, but I did and when John Kasich said that there are some counties in Ohio that have 6 schools and 6 superintendents and maybe 6 superintendents aren't really needed; that really hit home. I think there are probably schools in Ohio, not necessarily in Darke County, that could share superintendents, but I think that's a little scary to be talking about making those changes in a political campaign. I have heard other things that John Kasich wants to do - get rid of unions, the Ohio Department of Education, ESCs (that's where I work) - so although I would generally vote with the republican party, I'm doing some research and lots of praying to ask God for wisdom. I'm not saying that the way all of those entities operate are always the best way, but I know that the office I work in provides many services to our schools and the people that I work with enjoy their jobs and work hard. Education needs help, not more cuts and loss of resources. I'm not wanting to use this blog to tell you who to vote for, just wanted to share my thoughts.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doing Great

I would like to report that my child is very successful at being a big girl. She wants to do everything herself, including getting her supper. She did this last night and the whole of it ended up on the floor! Good thing it wasn't steaming hot and didn't land on her; she scared me. Really, it is fun to watch her be proud of herself for going to the bathroom on the potty and not in her underwear. She is wearing a pull-up at night and as soon as she gets up, she wants to get her underwear on. She is able to do so many things for herself, but she is still cuddly and loving and likes me to carry her and hold her. It gives me joy to watch her. I'm pretty sure that she has pink eye, but thankfully the doctor called in a prescription for her and didn't make me bring her in; I left work early yesterday to take her in for her flu shot.

Aubrey stayed at home with Auntie Rachel today and I heard that they rode in Grandpa's truck to haul wagons; I'm sure she was extremely excited about that. Tonight we are going to try to clean out her closet and find her some warm clothes, although I hear that it may be warming up again.

I've been missing Ryan a lot this week. I appreciate prayers for peace and comfort.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trying Them Out

As soon as Aubrey got up Saturday morning, she wanted to put her underwear on. So, we tried them out. I was a little nervous because we were going to my parent' and the school fair parade in New Madison, but I guess you have to start sometime. She did great. No accidents Saturday. She did well today until we got home this evening. She had been trying to have a bowel movement, and was just going little bits, so we had a few dirty pants, no big deal. I had brought her in the house and went back to the van to get the rest of our things, and she had an accident before I got back to the house. A little while later I asked her if she had to potty, she said no, then promptly had another accident. Two in row days, not too bad. I think I'll be In for extra laundry for a while.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Girl Panties

We got big girl panties tonight. Aubrey and I went to town tonight, we ate supper before we went to the store, and Aubrey wanted to sit in a booster seat. She got the seat all by herself and found a table, and put the booster seat on her chair. She's growing up! She had only one accident today. She did really well for me tonight, she went potty in Wal-Mart and at grandpa and grammy's when we stopped on the way home. I'm proud of her!

I got a massage, a hair cut, and I got my nails done today. I spent the day relaxing so I'm ready to face a few more weeks, one day at a time.