Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aubrey's First Boating Trip

Russell invited us to go boating with him today and it was Aubrey's first boating trip.  Based on the smiles on everyone's faces, I think we'll probably be going on more boating trips in the future.  Aubrey couldn't wait to get up this morning and put on her life jacket.  We had to pry it off of her to get her into her car seat.
All the way to the lake, she wondered how the boat was going to get into the water and if Uncle Russell was going to take the wheels off the trailer.  When we put the boat into the water, she basically missed the trailer pulling away because we had to convince her we were floating on the water.  Once we got going, all she wanted to do was go fast.

We swam for a while and she got to drive, and then she also rode on the tube with Uncle Russell.  She was so tired at one point that she laid down on the floor of the boat and fell asleep for a little while.  It was a beautiful day and the lake wasn't too crowded and we had a ton of fun!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enjoying Summer Time

I am in my second week of "summer" but it doesn't feel much like I'm having a break. I've been working some of the days that I am required to for work and I'm also teaching a class on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Wright State. That is a new experience for me. I think it is going well.

Aubrey had a whole week of dance recital practice and performance that started on June 9 and ended on June 16.  Each day for a whole week we had something going on a Memorial Hall.  She was a pretty, little butterfly.  She was tired by the end of the experience, but she really enjoyed it.

On Tuesday morning Aubrey and I had the privilege to attend the HOPE Foundation's Scholarship Presentations and give the first scholarship in Ryan's name to a deserving student who graduated from Mississinawa Valley and is now studying at The Ohio State University.

Aubrey played in the sprinkler yesterday afternoon.  Here she is striking a pose for you all.  She was more worried about what the picture looked like than playing in the water!