Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prairie Days

We went to Prairie Days this afternoon. Aubrey stirred some apple butter and made a candle. We also made a bonnet and rode on two wagon rides, one pulled by horses, the other a tractor. We had a good time but it was during Aubrey's nap time and so she is now taking a late nap today. I'm going to have to wake her up soon or she won't sleep tonight!

Here are some pictures of her in her new glasses and from today with her friend Brooklynn.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Glasses Are Here

Aubrey's glasses finally came in and we went to pick them up right before her dance class last night. I think we're going to have to go back there because they keep sliding down her nose, but I noticed that her ears were a little red from where they sat on them last night. I think they need adjusted. Anyway, her Mama thinks they are pretty cute, but they do cover up her pretty face some.

So I hardly mowed my yard at all this summer and now fall has arrived and I mowed on Sunday and I'm going to have to mow again today. I enjoy mowing, but it seems like I have to plan for it to take up a good part of the day. I don't have that big of a yard and it takes less than an hour to mow, but it just seems like a big task for some reason.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring

We have been happy that it is raining in Versailles; although I think we've about had enough for a few days :) I had a patio put out in the back of my house and it was finished Thursday afternoon. They tore up the yard getting everything from the front to the back and so we had grass seed planted. I watered on Friday and Saturday in the extreme heat, but haven't had to water since then - thank you God for sending the rain. When Aubrey and I got home this afternoon it wasn't raining, so we checked on our grass - it is growing! We also walked to the library which we haven't done for a few weeks. It was warm enough to just wear a sweatshirt, so that was nice as well.

Over the weekend, we had friends from Pennsylvania visiting. They arrived on Friday night and enjoyed playing ball and riding in the Barbie jeep.

On Saturday we went to the beach at Lake Loramie; we also had the Seuberts over for supper. When the kids were all playing in Aubrey's room, she stuck a stick in her mouth and then proceeded to run into the door with the stick still in her mouth. We had some blood and tears, but in the end, everything was ok.

We spent the day at my parents' on Sunday and then they headed towards home on Monday morning.

Last Friday morning, Aubrey had to go to the eye doctor; she has to get glasses. She picked out red frames; I'll post a picture when she gets her glasses.