Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I Love Being a Mom

It has always been one of my dreams to be a mom and I really do love the job.  There are things that I don't like about it, but here's why I love it.  Aubrey is calling for me at 2:00 this morning (that's not the part I love).  I get up and go to her room and she tells me she dropped Lily (her doll).  Lily is right beside her bed; I'm sure she could see her.  Instead of getting out of her bed and picking her up, she called me.  I was a bit grumpy but didn't say anything to her.  I handed her Lily and covered her back up and gave her a kiss and she looked at me and said, "I love you mommy" and rolled over, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and was back to sleep.  That's all I needed to make getting up at 2:00 worth it!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Going to Preschool

Aubrey's baby-sitter decided at the beginning of August that she'd like to go to work at a full-time job.  That left us searching for a baby-sitter with just a few weeks before I had to return to work.  I am very happy for Sandy and I believe she did the right thing for her family.  I had been struggling with whether Aubrey would go to preschool because I wasn't sure where she'd go or how I would get her there, so I was taking that into consideration as I was thinking about Aubrey's next baby-sitter.  

We visited the YMCA here in Versailles and Aubrey seemed to like the visit.  There were lots of opportunities for her to do things during the day while I was at work, which would help in protecting our time together in the evenings.

I finally decided that the Y would be the best place for her to go, and that it would take care of the preschool issue in the future.  What I didn't realize was that basically, I was signing her up for preschool right now.  I am sitting in the office, finishing up something while she is in the bathtub playing.  I can hear her talking to herself and realize that she is doing her best to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  She clearly says United States of America, indivisible, and for all.  Many of the words in between are jumbled up, but she's learning it!  Earlier this weekend, she was telling me the months of the year.  Something else she has learned in 1 week of preschool.  Way to go preschool!

Ever since Aubrey could say the word school, she has informed anyone in the car when we go by Versailles School, that it is her school.  She loves to walk over to the playground, but has always been concerned that there aren't any swings.  Right before school started, the playground got swings.  Aubrey has been very excited about this fact, but we haven't had time to walk over there and swing.  I told her that after her nap today, we could walk over there.  It was sprinkling after her nap, but she didn't care, she wanted to try out those swings.  We walked over to the playground in the rain, and she gave those swings a good test.  I think she approves.